• jamiehjung


I woke up this morning (01/26/19) and in that place between sleeping and waking I processed an idea about my processing of ideas. I am an intellectual but I often use those many paths that one can peruse in an argument to get lost. I enjoy getting lost. It separates me from the real work. It allows me to disengage. I can’t pass judgement on others who seem to take themselves to this intellectual place, but for myself, I do overthink and hide in the belly of that. For me, I have to use more energy to speak out singular thoughts. To communicate simple truths in as few words as possible. This age is an age requiring directness and simplicity. I disagree that this is where our culture indeed should be heading, but regrettably it is a necessity to act and to act simply. If too many avenues are discussed, the argument or conversation can get away from those conversing. Speak the speech, I pray you is still an excellent mantra. Jesus spoke in simple parables. Life is indeed complicated but the most wise amongst us don’t necessarily dissect every nuance of an argument. They filter their ideas so that the reigning points can be heard loud and clear. Loudness, clarity, simplicity should always be prized and rightly so. I buck at simplicity since it is a shorthand used by those who have not done the hard work of thinking. But if those who think speak in a way that confuses or cannot be accessed, then he is not an orator at all. He is simply one who thinks but cannot communicate his enlightened yet tangled thoughts. Make your thoughts light and continue to act. Keep moving. Keep creating. But do it in an increasingly streamlined manner.