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A Balancing Act

Today's revelation has to do with personality. I think people are like plants. We expand to fill the area we have and are always trying to grow. Unlike plants in a pot, or bed, or seeds pushing up through stony ground, we do have categories of Need. I always like to think of people living and working together in those small tribes of old. These were communities that hunted, gathered, or eventually settled. Regardless, these tribes had roles that certain men, women, and children followed or were forced upon such as they matured into their parent's profession or place in the community. In 2019 America, we no longer have many roles to play within our community or indeed even within our family. But the need is still there in our DNA. So, to fulfill that historic Need we build ourselves up to others and to ourselves. We can't help it. In fact we largely need to do it. That's how we distort ourselves and become the personalities that the larger world sees though it is ultimately judged as productive or "normal" through the individual viewer's lens. If our family, community, society that is hyper local to us is not providing for us on a historic level for our Needs or in fact if those supports are actively doing something to remove or supplant those Needs...then our personalities in our youth are greatly and permanently distorted or - in our adulthood - we feel a sense of being unbalanced. Whether or not there is any conspiracy out there to unbalance us the reasoning behind the unbalancing is almost pointless to resolve. What those who feel unbalanced seek is to balance. To right ourselves. There are many salves for this sense of unease and ways to satisfy our historic Needs. But I think that it makes most sense to find an organic community of hand-picked people to surround yourself with and with whom you can reciprocate support. It almost ties in with the idea of every individual finding a passive income stream or creating a product or company for themselves. The Gig Economy as it is so often called is something that might now resonate for our emotional and spiritual selves as well. We are in the Information Age and our great challenge now is to sort data and to deliver it as efficiently as possible to the people who require such knowledge. This Age then requires us to create for ourselves every support from the ground up. Some of those historic supports can still exist from birth if you are born into a loving nuclear family with financial stability in a safe middle-class suburb. But that world of modern American stability exists less and less. We are being asked increasingly to build everything and to find or manifest that niche product/service that our global community requires. This is true for the global community but also for our hyper local one. And the most hyper local community or me. Or you. Build that support for yourself and for your friends so that everyone's historic Needs are met. Otherwise find those salves that can help you and your friends feel less unbalanced. But realize that a salve only works temporarily and decreases in effectiveness over time.

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