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Just Keep Talking

This is a riff on the idea I had in college of "Just Keep Pushing" from philosopher Rene Descartes. I have spent my life pushing forward. But what I now need to account for is the pushing forward of individual ideas in my everyday speech. I have a tendency which has been reinforced at Cambridge and by teachers and in classrooms that I should stop and think and choose my words carefully. This can be useful. But it has developed into something that shows weakness and disrupts my speech causing confusion or allowing others to disengage from me. This cannot happen. I know that I have spent years studying acting, performing in various mediums, and interacting with many different people from different cultures and backgrounds. I am a thoughtful guy. So I no longer need to self-censor because that is built into me. I automatically do that. SO pausing to think of the exact right word which most accurately continues to prove any given argument is not as useful as just continuing to talk. This has been impacting my acting career and my lack of a-sense-of-focus in conversations might also be impacting my relationships. Internally it is quite the opposite of how it is interpreted; I am struggling to be as articulate as possible. But ironically that struggle is interpreted as a weakness. Well, no longer! I am resolute in speaking and continuing to speak. To command people's attention in life. And to command the audition room so that decision-makers can see just how talented and passionate an actor and a person I am. I am going to keep talking and to keep pushing and driving towards ideas in my acting and in my life. To paraphrase is OK. To struggle to come up with the exact right word or line of argumentation is almost always harmful because in that struggle I lose people. I am so excited to have discovered this interpretation people have of me and I am already censoring myself less and less as an actor and as a human being. It is a spiritual breath of fresh air and I am only learning to free myself more from those Jamie-isms that create barriers between my soul and others. Let's talk!

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