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"Jamie H Jung who plays Jim is a delight to watch and the life of this feature. His adorable face melts into a cornucopia of expressions giving due credit to his acting prowess." - Indie Shorts Mag review of the feature film "Monday"

"Seeing [film director Alejandro Montoya Marin]...he's got the level confidence, he's got terrific actors, and I just wish him the best." - film director Robert Rodriguez on Episode 7 of Rebel Without A Crew: The Series

"We all know people and characters like our protagonist Jim, and Jamie H. Jung made the character well rounded to the point we could want to smack him one moment and were rooting for him the next." - The Game of Nerds, Internet review of the feature-film Monday.

'[Film director Alejandro Montoya Marin's] craft is on full display as he delivers stunning visuals, electric performances,, and razor sharp edits" -Noam Kroll, on the feature-film Monday.

"...[T]he cast is pretty great. Jung and McGlothin are entertaining, and some of the best laughs come when these two guys are on screen together. [...] Jung was a good new talent to lay the weight of the lead on. He is likeable and definitely feels like a fish out of water once the story kicks into full gear." - Jonathan Berk, on the feature-film Monday.

"Jamie Jung is terrific as the hapless harried 'Jim'." - Gerry J. Schmitz, The Prairie Messenger, on the feature-film Monday.


"The cast, who will be new faces to most, are uniformly excellent. Jamie H. Jung gives Jim a Jack Lemmon-esque every man quality, upping the neuroses as his day, and life, fall apart and the stakes begin to climb." -Chris Watt, Flickfeast review of the feature-film Monday.

"Stylized, sharp, and funny. with strong performances" -Christa Valdez, One Headlight Ink on the feature-film Monday.

It is Jamie H. Jung whose performance as Jason/Tyrone anchors the show. His Jason is a repressed nerd, embarrassed and angered by his mother whom he continues to love. When he speaks for and acts with Tyrone, he is strong and savage, profane and frightening. Is Tyrone the Devil, as he seems to claim, or does he project the hidden complexity of Jason? By the end of the play, the two-in-one battle to the death. Jung’s ability to project both protagonists with different voices and speech patterns in rapid succession is simply amazing. Jung’s lips move for both speakers, but we avidly watch only Tyrone when he is speaking. - Barry Gaines, former ABQ Journal theatre critic and current blogger reviewing FUSION Theatre Company's production of Hand To God

"As the story revolves around the male protagonist Jim, you get to see him navigate through a gamut of emotions which actor Jamie H. Jung delivers very finely." -Nimisha Menon, Indie Shorts Mag's online review of the short film Monday

"[Jamie H. Jung has] got a good British accent (not to mention German and Spanish) and is totally charming as the debonair swindler who turns out to have a heart after all." - Dean Yannias, Talkin' Broadway review of Devon Frieder Productions' Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

"Monday follows the day from start to finish of Jim played by Jamie H. Jung who really embodies anyone who's had a bad day and you really see the character grow in such a short time, I found myself rooting for him from start to finish." -Joan Marie Yazze Gallegos, The Morning Brew with Friends' #TRENDING segment on the short film Monday


"Filling out the cast in strong supporting roles are Jamie H. Jung as Con's odd but likable and quite modest young friend Dev." -Wally Gordon, Talkin' Broadway's online review of FUSION Theatre Company's Stupid F**king Bird

"Jamie H. Jung is hopelessly likeable in the part of Dev." - Barry Gaines, former ABQ Journal theatre critic and current blogger reviewing FUSION Theatre Company's production of Stupid F**king Bird

"Jamie H. Jung (George Tesman) displays an innocence in his admiration for Eilert, seemingly oblivious that this man is his wife’s lover." - Lynnette Nicholas Woman Around Town, review of Treasure House Theater Company's Hedda Gabler

"An artistic earthquake...thank you [artistic director Allie Mulholland] for an absolutely unforgettable and warm evening with the wonderful folks who so brilliantly made my old man's play come to life once again. I can remember seeing, over the years, at least two other productions of this piece but none came even close to what you guys and gals have done" -Paul Green Jr. on the ReGroup Theatre Company's production of The House of Connelly


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Short film, MONDAY dir. Alejandro Montoya Marin

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  • This Week on Broadway for August 18, 2014: The Broadway Radio podcast reviews the ReGroup Theatre Company's production of A Texas Trilogy. Mr. Filichia chooses this production as one of the top 10 shows to have seen in New York City in 2014

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