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MONTEZUMA: AN ACTION-ADVENTURE THRILLER is a novel inspired by history and legend. This is the novel as presented as an eBook, a portable document for any eReader.

MONTEZUMA is at its heart a coming-of-age tale of identity set in the historically-rich and culturally diverse deserts of the American Southwest.


Jack runs a motel in a remote New Mexican village. Buried on his property is something that men have long fought and died for—the legendary Lost Treasure of Montezuma. But what was once lost has now been found. Jack struggles to forgive his father and to carry out his family's secret mission, while a scrappy band of would-be treasure hunters fight to survive against the powerful forces which reign over this ancestral home of the Aztecs.

Reading age: 13+

Print length: 211 pages

Language: English

Publication date: July 20, 2023


Publisher: Forever Jung Publishing

File size: 919 KB

Document format: PDF

Montezuma: An Action-Adventure Thriller (eBook)

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